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Why For Profit & Not Non-Profit?

Periodically we are asked why we are a For Profit Organization instead of a Non-Profit.  The answer is simple: we began this as a for-profit organization.  The model suited what we want to do and we have decided to continue using this model because it has proven

very effective and successful.


Brian started this with a vision in mind:  to provide the best quality care for these rescued animals, giving them a home and taking them out into the public so that others could understand these

animals both in nature and in captivity. 



Over the years we have taken in hundreds of animals and either kept them or placed them in loving homes.  Often times we don't charge an adoption fee, and when we do it's a very small amount.  Our goal with the rescue is to care for the

animals and potentially find them a new home. 




If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Educational Animal Experiences

for Classrooms and Beyond


Animal Education and Rescue Organization


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