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2024 Programs


February 24th - 12:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 24th - 2:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 25th - 12:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 25th - 1:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 26th - 9:15am:  JF Dulles Elementary (private)

February 26th - 6:00pm:  Girl Scout Troop 4529 (private)

February 27th - 9:30am:  MECC (private)

February 29th - 10:30am:  Anderson Parks RecPlex (public)

March 1st - 10:00am:  Temple Christian Academy (private)

March 2nd - 10:00am:  Boone County Public Library (public)

March 4th - 11:00am:  Mayerson JCC (private)

March 5th - 10:00am:  Westwood United Methodist Preschool (private)

March 6th - 10:30am:  Hyde Park UMC Preschool (private)

March 6th - 11:00am:  Hyde Park UMC Preschool (private)

March 7th - 9:30am:  Westwood United Methodist Preschool (private)

March 7th - 6:30pm:  Liberty Early Childhood School (private)

March 8th - 10:00am:  7 Hills School (private)

March 8th - 10:30am:  Hyde Park UMC Preschool (private)

March 9th - 9:30am:  College Hill Presbyterian Church (private)

March 9th - 12:00pm:  UC Science Fair (public)

March 9th - 4:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 11th - 10:45am:  Kramer Elementary (private)

March 11th - 12:15pm:  Kramer Elementary (private)

March 12th - 10:45am:  Marshall Elementary (private)

March 12th - 12:15pm:  Marshall Elementary (private)

March 12th - 2:00pm:  Seasons Senior Lifestyle (private)

March 13th - 10:45am:  Bogan Elementary (private)

March 13th - 12:15pm:  Bogan Elementary (private)

March 14th - 12:15pm:  Wright Brothers Elementary (private)

March 15th - 6:30pm:  Lakota Pi Day (private)

March 16th - 12:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 16th - 2:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 16th - 5:00pm:  Western Hills Country Club (private)

March 20th - 9:00am:  Liberty Bible Academy (private)

March 20th - 7:00pm:  Scout Pack 741 (private)

March 21st - 12:30pm:  Amanda Elementary (private)

March 21st - 6:30pm:  Miami University Heritage Commons (private)

March 22nd - 4:00pm:  St. Michael School (private)

March 22nd - 6:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 23rd - 11:00am:  Birthday Party (private)

March 23rd - 1:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 25th - 10:00am:  Biederman Educational Center (private)

March 26th - 12:20pm:  Patrick  Henry Elementary School (private)

March 27th - 9:30am:  Our Lady of Victory (private)

March 28th - 10:00am:  Fairfield Community Arts Center Preschool (private)

March 29th - 11:00am:  Mayerson JCC (private)

April 3rd - 2:00pm:  Scott County Public Library (public)

April 4th - 9:30am:  Elda Elementary (private)

April 5th - 6:00pm:  Pause for Parents (private)

April 6th - 11:00am:  Birthday Party (private)

April 6th - 1:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

April 7th - 12:15pm:  Birthday Party (private)

April 7th - 3:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

April 8th - 9:00am:  St. James School (private)

April 10th - 9:30am:  Goddard School of Loveland (private)

April 11th - 9:30am:  Maddux Lang Primary School (private)

April 11th - 1:30pm:  Maddux Lang Primary School (private)

April 12th - 9:45am:  Wise Owl Preschool (private)

April 15th - 8:30am:  All Saints School (private)

April 15th - 3:50pm:  Wilson Elementary ASE (private)

April 18th - 9:30am:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

April 18th - 1:00pm:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

April 19th - 9:30am:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

April 19th - 4:00pm:  St. Michael School (private)

April 20th - 4:00pm:  Dan Beard Scout Center (private)

April 20th - 6:00pm:  Skidaddles Florence (private)

April 20th - 8:00pm:  Skidaddles Mason (private)

April 22nd - 3:50pm:  Wilson Elementary ASE (private)

April 23rd - 11:00am:  Wyandot ECS (private)

April 24th - 9:00am:  St. Timothy's Preschool (private)

April 25th - 9:00am:  St. Timothy's Preschool (private)

April 25th - 12:30pm:  North Dearborn Elementary (private)

April 26th - 10:00am:  Norton Elementary (private)

April 27th - 4:15pm:  Birthday Party (private)

April 29th - 9:15am:  Greeneview Elementary (private)

April 29th - 3:50pm:  Wilson Elementary ASE (private)

May 3rd - 10:00am:  Kids Thrive Behavioral Health (private)

May 3rd - 1:00pm:  Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary (private)

May 3rd - 6:00pm:  Pause for Parents (private)

May 4th - 6:00pm:  Day Air Ballpark (public)

May 4th - 11:30pm:  Anderson High School After Prom (private)

May 6th - 9:00am:  Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary (private)

May 7th - Time TBA:  Pattison Elementary (private)

May 9th - 1:30pm:  Margaret B. Rost School (private)

May 10th - 9:30am:  Springmyer Elementary (private)

May 13th - 1:00pm:  Mound Elementary (private)

May 17th - 9:30am:  Central Montessori Academy (private)

May 17th - 6:00pm:  Indian Riffle Elementary (private)

May 20th - Time TBA:  Heritage Hill Elementary (private)

May 21st - 9:30am:  Summit Elementary (private)

May 21st - 1:10pm:  Summit Elementary (private)

May 22nd - 8:30am:  Summit Country Day School (private)

May 23rd - 4:00pm:  Lebanon Public Library (public)

May 28th - 9:10am:  Mason Elementary School (private)

May 29th - 9:10am:  Mason Elementary School (private)

May 30th - 9:10am:  Mason Elementary School (private)

May 31st - 10:00am:  Boone Aire Kindercare (private)

May 31st - 6:30pm:  Worthington Park Library (public)

June 3rd - 10:00am:  Sherman Park Middletown (private)

June 3rd - 3:00pm:  Leesburg Branch Library (public)

June 3rd - 5:30pm:  Lynchburg Public Library (public)

June 4th - 9:30am:  Guardian Angels School (private)

June 4th - 2:15pm:  West Chester Christian Preschool (private)

June 5th - 10:00am:  Goddard School of West Chester (private)

June 5th - 1:30pm:  Southgate Branch Library (public)

June 6th - 10:00am:  All About Kids (private)

June 6th - 11:45am:  Delshire Elementary (private)

June 6th - 2:00pm:  Bick Primary Discover Champions (private)

June 7th - 10:00am:  Smart Start Child Care Colerain (private)

June 7th - 12:30pm:  Potters House Child Development Center (private)

June 8th - 4:00pm:  Heritage Hills Campground (private)

June 10th - 10:00am:  Old South Park Middletown (private)

June 10th - 12:00pm:  Amity Elementary Discover Champions (private)

June 10th - 2:30pm:  Kindercare Blue Ash (private)

June 11th - 9:30am:  Kingswood Park (private)

June 11th - 1:30pm:  Bright Beginnings (private)

June 12th - 10:00am:  ABC Early Learning Center (private)

June 12th - 1:00pm:  Powel Crosley YMCA (private)

June 13th - 10:00am:  Biederman Educational Center (private)

June 13th - 1:00pm:  Bellevue High School (private)

June 14th - 10:30am:  Inspiring Hearts Learning Academy (private)

June 14th - 2:00pm:  Pendleton County Public Library (public)

June 17th - 10:00am:  Sunset Park Middletown (private)

June 17th - 12:30pm:  Bright Acres Learning Academy (private)

June 18th - 1:00pm:  Trimble County Public Library (public)

June 19th - 10:00am:  Clinton Massie Prime Time (private)

June 19th - 12:00pm:  Mary L Cook Library (public)

June 20th - 10:30am:  Boyle County Public Library (public)

June 21st - 10:00am:  Kindercare Forest Park (private)

June 21st - 1:00pm:  Springer School and Center (private)

June 24th - 10:00am:  Goldman Park Middletown (private)

June 24th - 2:00pm:  Hilliard Branch Library (public)

June 25th - 10:00am:  Kindercare Milford (private)

June 25th - 12:30pm:  Madeira Elementary Discover Champions (private)

June 25th - 3:30pm:  The Goddard School Red Bank (private)

June 26th - 10:00am:  Kiddie Academy West Chester (private)

June 26th - 1:00pm:  Imaginations At Work (private)

June 27th - 10:00am:  Kiddie Academy Mason (private)

June 27th - 7:00pm:  Oaks Community Church in Middletown VBS (private)

June 28th - 10:00am:  Silverlake Academy (private)

July 1st - 10:00am:  Douglass Park (private)

July 1st - 12:45pm:  London Elementary Discover Champions (private)

July 2nd - 10:00am:  New Richmond Christian Childcare (private)

July 2nd - 2:00pm:  St. Columban School Discover Champions (private)

July 3rd - 10:00am:  Goddard School of Loveland (private)

July 3rd - 1:00pm:  Marr Cook Elementary (private)

July 5th - 10:00am:  The Kidz Club (private)

July 5th - 2:30pm:  Tylersville Road Kindercare (private)

July 8th - 10:00am:  Oakland Park Middletown (private)

July 8th - 2:00pm:  Dublin Branch Library Columbus (public)

July 9th - 10:00am:  Anderson Township Kindercare (private)

July 9th - 1:30pm:  Fairfield Education Building (private)

July 10th - 10:00am:  ABC Childcare (private)

July 10th - 1:00pm:  Linden Grove School (private)

July 11th - 9:30am:  West Chester Christian Preschool (private)

July 11th - 1:00pm:  Loveland Primary School Discover Champions (private)

July 12th - 9:30am:  East Social Row Kindercare (private)

July 12th - 12:00pm:  Butler Rural Electric Family Day (private)

July 15th - 10:00am:  Jacot Park Middletown (private)

July 15th - 2:00pm:  Mason County Public Library (public)

July 16th - 10:00am:  Walton Kindercare (private)

July 16th - 3:00pm:  Kids Plus Learning Center (private)

July 17th - 10:00am:  Goddard School of Deerfield Twp (private)

July 17th - 2:00pm:  South High Branch Library Columbus (public)

July 18th - 10:00am:  Primrose School of Mason (private)

July 18th - 12:00pm:  Mayerson JCC (private)

July 19th - 9:30am:  Children's Academy of Mason (private)

July 19th - 12:15pm:  Little Miami Learning Center (private)

July 19th - 2:00pm:  Salem Township Public Library (public)

July 20th - 11:00am:  Lebanon OH Pride Festival (public)

July 20th - 2:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

July 22nd - 10:00am:  Lefferson Park Middletown (private)

July 22nd - 12:00pm:  Springdale Elementary Discover Champions (private)

July 23rd - 9:00am:  All About Kids Hilliard (private)

July 24th - 10:30am:  Toddler Time (private)

July 24th - 12:45pm:  Time for Kids (private)

July 25th - 10:00am:  St. John Westminster Learning Center (private)

July 25th - 1:00pm:  Montgomery Elementary Champions (private)

July 25th - 4:00pm:  Cold Spring Branch Library (public)

July 26th - 10:00am:  Blue Ash Childcare (private)

July 26th - 2:00pm:  Blanchester Public Library (public)

July 27th - 11:00am:  Fairfield Public Library (public)

July 27th - 3:30pm:  SEI Company Picnic (private)

July 28th - 6:00pm:  Operation Blessing Bag (private)

July 30th - 10:00am:  M.E. Lyons YMCA (private)

July 30th - 3:00pm:  Franklinton Branch Library Columbus (public)

July 31st - 9:00am:  The Campus at Kids First (private)

July 31st - 12:00pm:  Montgomery Laf-n-Lunch at Swaim Park (public)

August 1st - 10:00am:  Smale Park Family Fun Day (public)

August 1st - 2:15pm:  Hickory Dickory Tots (private)

August 2nd - 10:00am:  The Kinder Garden School (private)

August 2nd - 12:30pm:  Xenia Community Library (public)

August 5th - 10:00am:  All About Kids Centerville (private)

August 5th - 1:30pm:  Wee Care Childcare (private)

August 6th - 10:00am:  St. Joseph Academy (private)

August 6th - 1:00pm:  Clifton CRC (private)

August 7th - 10:00am:  Primrose School of South Lebanon (private)

August 7th - 3:00pm:  World of Love Learning Center (private)

August 8th - 9:30am:  LPC Preschool (private)

August 8th - 3:15pm:  Jellybean Junction Clough Pike (private)

August 9th - 10:00am:  Boone Aire Kindercare (private)

August 9th - 12:30pm:  Jellybean Junction Amelia (private)

August 9th - 3:30pm:  Tutor Time (private)

August 10th - 11:00am:  Wilmington Stroop Branch Library (public)

August 12th - 10:00am:  Goddard School of Mason (private)

August 12th - 3:00pm:  Jellybean Junction Landen (private)

August 13th - 9:00am:  Little Learners Learning Center (private)

August 13th - 11:30am:  Mt. Moriah Ark of Learning (private)

August 13th - 3:00pm:  Jellybean Junction Milford (private)

August 14th - 10:00am:  Children's Academy of Loveland (private)



September 21st - 10:00am:  Learning Tree Farm Autumn Fest (public)

October 4th - 10:00am:  Kids Thrive Behavioral Health (private)

October 17th - 10:00am:  Little Links to Learning (private)

October 19th - 6:00pm:  Skidaddles Florence (private)

October 19th - 8:00pm:  Skidaddles Mason (private)

2025 Programs

June 8th - 3:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

June 19th - 10:00am:  Countryside YMCA (private)

June 23rd - 10:00am:  Wild About Kidz (private)

June 26th - 10:00am:  Little Red Academy (private)

Educational Animal Experiences

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Animal Education and Rescue Organization


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