2020 Programs


February 18th - 9:15am:  7 Hills School (private)

February 19th - 9:30am:  MECC (private)

February 21st - 11:00am:  Cottell Park (public)

February 22nd - 10:15am:  Birthday Party (private)

February 22nd - 4:00pm:  Blue and Gold Scout Program (private)

February 23rd - 1:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 24th - 6:00pm:  TBA (private)

February 25th - 10:00am:  Epaphroditus Club Home School Group (private)

February 25th - 6:00pm:  Boyd E. Smith Elementary (private)

February 26th - 10:00am:  Knox Preschool (private)

February 26th - 12:20pm:  Knox Preschool (private)

February 27th - 10:00am:  Arches Preschool (private)

February 28th - 10:00am:  Richardson Road Kindercare (private)

February 29th - 5:00pm:  Triple Crown Country Club (private)

March 3rd - 6:30pm:  Batavia Branch Library (public)

March 6th - 10:00am:  7 Hills School (private)

March 6th - 1:00pm:  Mariemont Junior High School (private)

March 6th - 6:30pm:  Lakota East High School (private)

March 7th - 10:00am:  NKU (private)

March 7th - 1:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 9th - 1:00pm:  Clark Montessori (private)

March 9th - 7:00pm:  IHM Church Scouts (private)

March 10th - 10:00am:  Mason Heights (private)

March 10th - 4:30pm:  Shideler Hall (private)

March 11th - 10:00am:  Westwood United Methodist Preschool (private)

March 11th - 2:00pm:  Gamble Montessori High School (private)

March 12th - 9:00am:  Delshire Elementary School (private)

March 13th - 1:00pm:  Clark Montessori (private)

March 14th - 10:00am:  Boone County Public Library (public)

March 17th - 8:00am:  North Dearborn Elementary (private)

March 18th - 10:00am:  Dearborn County Juvenile Detention Center (private)

March 19th - 9:30am:  Central Montessori Academy (private)

March 19th - 2:00pm:  Ohio Valley Voices (private)

March 20th - 10:00am:  Mason Employee Daycare (private)

March 22nd - 3:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 23rd - 1:00pm:  Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary (private)

March 24th - 9:30am:  Florence Elementary School (private)

March 25th - 3:30pm:  JF Dulles Elementary (private)

March 26th - 10:00am:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

March 27th - 10:00am:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

March 27th - 1:00pm:  Fairfield Child Development Center (private)

March 28th - 12:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

March 30th - 9:00am:  Liberty Bible Academy (private)


April 8th - 3:30pm:  JF Dulles Elementary (private)

April 13th - 10:45am:  E.D. Smith Elementary (private)

April 13th - 12:30pm:  E.D. Smith Elementary (private)

April 15th - 3:30pm:  JF Dulles Elementary (private)

April 17th - 9:45am:  Oakdale Elementary (private)

April 18th - 2:00pm:  Devou Park (public)

April 20th - 10:00am:  Mary Goetz Elementary (private)

April 20th - 1:00pm:  Mary Goetz Elementary (private)

April 22nd - 3:30pm:  JF Dulles Elementary (private)

April 23rd - 9:30am:  The Nicholas School (private)

April 24th - 9:00am:  Dennis Elementary (private)

April 25th - 12:00pm:  Smale Park Arbor Day Celebration (public)

April 28th - 10:00am:  The Goddard School Loveland (private)

April 30th - 9:30am:  Maddux Lang Primary School (private)

April 30th - 1:30pm:  Maddux Lang Primary School (private)


May 5th - 10:00am:  The Village Preschool (private)

May 5th - 1:00pm:  The Village Preschool (private)

May 9th - 7:00am:  The Butterfly Walk (public)

May 9th - 4:00pm:  Fairfield Lane Public Library (public)

May 9th - Time TBA:  Birthday Party (private)

May 11th - 7:00am:  CNE Elementary (private)

May 13th - 12:00pm:  Beech Acres Parenting Center (private)

May 16th - 3:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

May 19th - 8:45am:  Meadowview Elementary (private)

May 20th - 9:30am:  Springmyer Elementary School (private)

May 21st - 1:00pm:  Harry Russell Elementary (private)

May 23rd - Time TBA:  Family Picnic (private)

May 28th - 1:00pm:  All About Kids Lakota (private)

May 29th - 1:00pm:  Champions Bethel (private)

May 31st - 1:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

June 1st - 9:30am:  All About Kids Kings Mills (private)

June 1st - 1:00pm:  Early Beginnings (private)

June 2nd - 10:00am:  Champions Madeira (private)

June 3rd - 10:00am:  Kiddie Academy West Chester (private)

June 3rd - 1:00pm:  Imaginations At Work (private)

June 4th - 10:00am:  Kiddie Academy Mason (private)

June 4th - 1:30pm:  Champions Loveland (private)

June 5th - 1:00pm:  Millvale Rec Center (private)

June 5th - 7:00pm:  Florence Government Park (public - Movie Night)

June 6th - Time TBD:  Kingswood Park (public - More Info Soon)

June 8th - 10:00am:  Kids Campus Learning Center (private)

June 8th - 1:00pm:  Windemere Way Kindercare (private)

June 10th - 10:00am:  Tutor Time (private)

June 11th - 10:30am:  Little Learners Learning Center (private)

June 12th - 1:00pm:  Mercy Healthplex Fairfield (private)


June 15th - 10:00am:  Forest Park Kindercare (private)

June 16th - 11:00am:  Camp Sharonville (private)

June 17th - 7:00pm:  Erlanger Branch Library (public)

June 18th - 9:30am:  Milford Kindercare (private)

June 18th - 1:00pm:  Discover Champions Cardinal Pacelli (private)

June 19th - 9:30am:  Girl Scout Camp (private)

June 19th - 6:30pm:  Walton Branch Library (public)

June 22nd - 9:30am:  St. Johns Learning Center (private)

June 24th - 9:30am:  All About Kids Union KY (private)

June 24th - 2:00pm:  Discover Champions Amity Elementary (private)

June 25th - 10:00am:  Goddard School Mason (private)

June 25th - 3:30pm:  All About Kids Mason / Liberty Township (private)

June 29th - 10:00am:  Mt. Moriah Ark of Learning (private)

June 30th - 9:30am:  The Goddard School Fort Mitchell, KY (private)

July 1st - 10:00am:  Kindercare Harrison (private)

July 1st - 12:00pm:  Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park (public)

July 2nd - 10:00am:  Kindercare Symmes Township (private)

July 6th - 10:00am:  All About Kids Centerville (private)

July 7th - 9:30am:  Hamilton Avenue Kindercare (private)

July 8th - 12:00pm:  Swaim Park for Laf-n-Lunch  (public)

July 9th - 2:00pm:  Discover Champions Sycamore (private)

July 10th - 10:00am:  Discover Champions Mt. Healthy (private)

July 10th - 3:00pm:  Butler Rural Electric Cooperative (private)

July 13th - 9:30am:  Goddard School Deerfield Township (private)

July 14th - 10:00am:  The Goddard School South Lebanon (private)

July 15th - 10:00am:  Kids Campus Learning Center (private)

July 15th - 1:00pm:  5 Season Sports Club (private)

July 16th - 9:30am:  Cincinnati Urban Promise (private)

July 17th - 9:30am:  Silverlake Academy (private)

July 20th - 10:30am:  Discover Champions St. Columban School (private)

July 21st - 10:00am:  M.E. Lyons YMCA (private)

July 22nd - 9:30am:  All About Kids Union KY (private)

July 22nd - 6:30pm:  England Idlewild Park (public)

July 23rd - 9:30am:  Ross Early Learning Center (private)

July 24th - 1:30pm:  American Heritage Girls Convention (private)

July 28th - 10:00am:  Walton Kindercare (private)

July 29th - 9:30am:  Kindercare Indian Springs (private)

July 29th - 1:00pm:  Price Hill Rec Center (private)

July 31st - 10:00am:  Goddard School West Chester (private)

July 31st - 4:30pm:  Alexandria Branch Library (public)

August 5th - 9:00am:  The Campus at Kids First (private)

August 6th - 10:00am:  The Kinder Garden School (private)

August 12th - 9:00am:  The Gardner School of Blue Ash (private)

August 13th - 3:00pm:  Loveland Kindercare (private)

August 15th - 5:00pm:  Shrimp Boil (private)


September 5th -  - 8:00am:  The Buddy Walk (public)

September 12th - 3:00pm:  Walton, KY Old Fashion Day (public)

October 2nd - 7:00pm:  Boone Woods Park Movie Night (public)

October 29th - 10:30am:  Childrens for Children (private)

October 30th - 10:00am:  Childrens for Children (private)


November 11th - 10:00am:  Skidaddles Florence (public)

November 12th - 10:00am:  Skidaddles Mason (public)

2021 Programs

January 3rd - 2:00pm:  Celebrate Adoption (private)

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