2020 Programs

December 13th - 4:00pm:  Mini Virtual Program (private)

2021 Programs

January 9th - 11:15am:  Birthday Party (private)

January 12th - 10:00am:  Westwood United Methodist Preschool (private)

January 12th - 6:30pm:  Girl Scouts - Virtual (private)

January 13th - 10:00am:  Warren County ESC (Private)

January 14th - 9:30am:  Beavercreek Christian Learning Center (private)

January 20th - 7:00pm:  Scout Program (private) 

January 21st - 9:00am:  Lebanon Junior High School (private)

January 28th - 10:00am:  Western Row (private)

February 21st - 2:15pm:  Birthday Party (private)

February 25th - 9:00am:  MECC (private)

May 15th - 2:30pm:  Birthday Party (private)

July 24th - 4:00pm:  Birthday Party (private)

July 28th - 6:00pm:  Scheben Branch Library (public)

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