**Due to the rising cost of everything from bird seed to gas, Effective January 1st, 2022 the hourly fee will increase to $190.  We apologize for the increase, however, to continue the quality of care for these rescued pets this is a must.  

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you soon!**

Programs given by CCO can be adjusted to fit your needs. 

Whether it’s something 

you’re learning about (adaptations, living in the wild, feeding, etc.) or just the way you want the day structured, we can

accommodate your situation.


All in-person programs are $175 per program (~45 - 60 minutes)

within a 30 mile radius of where we are located (45224). 

Anything outside of that 30 mile radius   

and / or if the travel time is more than 1 hour each way you may be

assessed a travel charge. Virtual programs start at just $25!


We accept Cash, Check, Credit Cards (through Square) and Venmo











Virtual Program


Length:  ~40 minutes


Number of Animals:  4 - 7


Best For: Summer Camps, Schools, Daycares, etc.


Fee: $100 for 2 classrooms

$25 each additional classroom


This program is appropriate for all ages.  We can do a Zoom session or any other online video conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, etc).  We will talk about each animal, as we always do, and answer all your questions that you have during the presentation!

You also have an opportunity to pick which animals you want to see.  That includes animals that we can't normally bring with us to programs due to age, demeanor or just because they aren't the best animals for a hands-on program.  

Call and schedule today!





Mini Virtual Program


Length:  ~15 minutes


Number of Animals:  1 - 2


Best For: Families (1 household)

Fee:  $25

This program is designed for the family that wants a fun, educational presentation for the kids while at home.  Pick the critters you want to see or leave that up to us, it's your call!  

Using Zoom we will share a couple of our critters with you.  We will talk about their history with us here, what it's like to care for them and answer any questions you might have about our critters and what we do.  These mini presentations are great for a home school session, when the kids have friends over, while eating lunch or whatever other time you want to see some fun critters!   

Schedule yours today!


Program 1


Length:  ~45 minutes - 1 hour


Number of Animals:  4 - 7


Best For:  School programs, church functions, classroom presentations, boy & girl scout groups, etc.


Base Fee:  $175


This program is appropriate for all ages.  

We will discuss each of the animals we bring & their

importance in nature. 


We also talk about keeping these animals as pets and what makes a good pet and what doesn't make a good pet. 


Just like all of our programs, this is hands-on, educational fun!

Split the hour to better fit the attention span of your students:

School Age and Up (Full Program, 45 - 60 minutes)

Pre-k and Kindergarten (Half Program, 20 - 30 minutes)

Toddlers and younger (Quarter Program, 10 - 15 minutes)

Schedule yours today!












Program 2


Cool Critters Outreach Birthday Party!


Length:  ~45 minutes - 1 hour


Number of Animals:  4 - 7


Base Fee:  $175



























That's right, have Cool Critters Outreach out to your birthday party!  We come out to kids of all ages and bring several animals

for a hands-on memorable experience.  

Schedule yours today!


Note: For your birthday party, have us begin at least 15 minutes AFTER the 

start of the party.  This gives time for late arrivals so they don't miss the critters!




Program 3


The "Not Your Average Petting Zoo" Petting Zoo!


Length:  Varies


Number of Animals:  Varies


Best for:  Carnivals, festivals, company picnics, fairs and

all day events


Base Fee:  $175 / Hour


This program is designed to draw crowds at your festival, school fair or any other event.  For the safety of the animals this program can be scheduled for anywhere from 30 minutes to

no more than 6 hours. 


This program has more flexibility than the others.  You can have a table set up for one-on-one presentations and / or have scheduled times to give presentations to groups of people.  Just have us as

a booth so people can walk up and enjoy holding a snake while

our tortoise walks around for everyone to see!


We will bring along some animals that can be handled and 

some others that are more to look at (Tarantulas, Frogs, etc).

The same fun, educational programs just set up for a

larger crowd experience.

Schedule yours today!


Please Note:  If you must cancel a program that you have scheduled

there may be a $25 cancellation fee assessed


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