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Are You Ready For A Pet?

Before you decide to get a pet, do your

 research.  Whether it's a snake, lizard, guinea pig,

hedgehog or even a cat or dog you have to make sure

that new family member will be one you can take care of

for the rest of its life.


Some things to think about:


How big will the animal get?

How long does it live?

What does it eat and how often?

Can I afford the animal and all of it's necessities?

Is this something I really want?


Often times we see animals come to us because the owner

simply lost interest, especially with the reptiles.  It was cool when

they first got it but now that all of their friends have seen their

new pet it's not as exciting anymore.  You have to clean up

after it, feed it and give it daily care and handling. 

Are you prepared for this?  You should always get a new

pet for you, not to show off.  They are not accessories, they are

living, breathing creatures that need a loving home.


Typically the animal itself is the least expensive part.  Then you get

into things like cages, heating, lighting, food and of course the

vet visits for not just when it's ill but for general check-ups as well.

All of that added up can be very expensive.  Are you prepared for this?


Having a pet can be a rewarding experience.  They can help you relax

after a hard day, they can listen to you when you need someone to

talk to and more.  However they, too, can have a bad day. 

Every animal has a mouth and has the ability to bite.  What happens

if they bite you?  Will you still love it or will be you be afraid of it?


Your new pet can be very rewarding but not without hard work. 

You have to keep them clean, fed well and healthy.  You have to

clean up poop and notice if they are not eating well,

behaving normal and so on.  With the proper care you will be their

friend for life. 


Another thing to remember is that most animals don't live as long

as we do.  Some live just a few years while others can live

in excess of 100 years.  Either way it's a daily commitment and you

have to be prepared to care for this animal every day.


CCO is here to help you choose the right pet for you.  If you have any

questions on the care of a pet please feel free to contact us

and we will do our best to answer your questions. 

We love what we do and we are here to help out not just the animals

but the owners as well. 

Educational Animal Experiences

for Classrooms and Beyond


Animal Education and Rescue Organization


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