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Schools, Churches, Daycares, etc.

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How Much Space Do You Need?

We can set up in any classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, etc.  We use a 6' table for stationary programs and a 4' cart for mobile programs

What Age Groups Will You See?

We will see any age you have! 

For schools / daycares we will spend

10 - 15 minutes with the toddlers, 20 - 30 minutes with the Pre-K and Kindergarten and 40 - 60 minutes with school age.

Birthday Parties

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How Many Kids Can We Invite?

As many as you want!  We have no limit on the number of attendees at a party.

How Long Are You Here?

We plan on being there about 40 - 60 minutes on average.

How Should The Kids Sit?

If we are in a classroom, having the students in their chairs at their desks is best.  If we are in another location sitting in rows in chairs works great.  If no chairs, sitting on the floor in rows works as well.

Where Can You Set Up?

If the weather is nice (between about

70 - 85 degrees) we can be outdoors in the shade.  We can also be indoors in almost any room: living room, family room, basement, etc.  

How Long Is Your Presentation?

For schools / daycares we will spend 10 - 15 minutes with the toddlers, 20 - 30 minutes with the Pre-K and Kindergarten and

40 - 60 minutes with school age.

How Many Kids Can Be In A Group?

For the best experience we recommend 25 children or less.  The larger the group the less chance for touching / holding opportunities.  

Can You Move From
Room To Room?

Absolutely!  If it’s easier for you, we can use our cart and become mobile!  Same program, same animals you just don’t have to move the kids anywhere. 

Let them stay in their classroom at their desks and we will come to them. 

Should We Have The Kids Sit?

That's up to you!  We can have them sit and bring the animals out to them or we can set up a table and have the attendees come to us when they want to see / hold an animal (i.e. at a pool party).  However you want us to set things up we will accommodate to the best of our ability!

Will They Be Able To Touch / Hold The Animals?

Absolutely!  Most of our animals can be touched / held.  There may be some exceptions (such as a parrot) but we encourage the kids to touch / hold the animals if they are comfortable doing so.

Can We Request Certain Animals?

Yes you can!  Just let us know when you schedule and we will send you a list of our current critters that are available for a party.  Choose your animals and we will do our best to get them there

(no guarantees since they are live animals).

Will They Be Able To Touch / Hold The Animals?

Possibly.  To limit the spread of germs we will call on individuals to come up and hold certain animals (we will have them sanitize their hands first).  At the end of the program we may have an animal out for everyone to touch as they leave the room.  If we see a lot of the attendees with fingers near their face/mouth/nose we may decide not to have everyone touch an animal, again, to limit the spread of germs

Educational Animal Experiences

for Classrooms and Beyond


Animal Education and Rescue Organization


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