Virtual Animal Adoptions

What is a Virtual Adoption?

     A virtual adoption is a way to help our local rescued pets in need.  For a small fee any individual or group can help care for these unwanted pets! 

What is the process?

     For every $25 you spend you will receive, via email, an adoption certificate along with a photo of the animal(s) you adopted.  In addition you will receive the history of the adopted critter and some general facts about them.  You can pick which animal(s) you want to adopt or we can choose for you!

What are the funds used for?

     The funds are used to help cover the cost of the animals care while they are here at CCO.  This includes food, lighting, medical bills, toys, blankets and anything else that comes along with housing dozens of species of animals.

Will I be the only sponsor for an animal?

     While we would love for just 1 person to virtually adopt each animal the reality is some animals will have more than 1 virtual guardian!  You can choose which animal(s) you would like to sponsor or we can choose for you.  If you would like to adopt one of our lesser-loved critters let us know and we can make that happen for you!

When will I receive my certificate / pictures?

     As soon as payment is received we will begin working on taking the photos just for you!  Expect to have your documents within a few days.

Do you have a list of your rescued pets?

     Of course!  Click here for the list of current rescued pets available for virtual adoption.

If you have any questions please don't

hesitate to contact us!