About us


Cool Critters Outreach, llc (CCO) is a fun, interactive, and

 educational way of looking at reptiles, amphibians , invertebrates, mammals and other amazing animals.  

It is an opportunity to get an up-close, personal look at the fascinating

 world of snakes, lizards, dragons, spiders and more. 


We are located in Cincinnati, OH and most of our animals are rescues

from the tri-state area.  They were once pets that

their owners no longer wanted, could care for, or even just left behind

when they moved out.  Some have been confiscated by police or dropped

off at a  local SPCA.  We then take these animals in and provide them with

a loving, caring home.  We utilize some for educational programs

and others we adopt out to

suitable homes.   


CCO  will come to your school, Cub Scout meeting, Girl Scout meeting, 

church outing, company picnic, birthday party, festival….any event you

 request…. and provide entertaining education.  This is something

 that not only kids will enjoy and remember for a lifetime, but

 adults will too.  

"Worth every cent.  The happiness you brought

to my boy is not describable"

                            - Steve Kerns



"I just want to say thank you for giving my son

such a fantastic birthday!!!  He's been having some troubles at school and really

needed something very positive and this was it!!!


He talks about it every day and it's all I can do to pull the t-shirt off of him and wash it!  What a great operation you have going!  We will be keeping an eye on your website!


Again, we really appreciate you all coming out and sharing with us.  Your daughter was so great, too! 

Thanks so much!!!"


                                                                    -    Trish


Contact us to schedule your own

Cool Critters Outreach presentation.

Call / Text:  513.720.2442

Email : brian@coolcrittersoutreach.com

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